"She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness." Proverbs 31:27

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Picture credit: a friend : )

 This blog is dedicated to “real food”, natural healing, and healthy living! This is my first blog, so please bear with me while I get it going.

My goal for this blog is to educate my readers by sharing my knowledge and experiences of traditional foods and food preparation. I plan to suggest effective alternatives to everyday toxic beauty and household products. I’m also excited to share my newly found love of herbs and essential oils.

I would like to begin this blog with a general explanation of why I believe in getting back to a more traditional way of eating and treating sickness.

            There are so many health problems in the United States—it is unprecedented. Much of this has to do with what we eat and put into our bodies. It is time we question modern conventional beliefs pertaining to health. We need to think about exactly where our food comes from. We cannot trust the giant food corporations and mass production industries, or government agencies like the FDA, who are motivated by money, to produce safe and healthy products for us and our families. I believe in getting back to natural foods, food preparation of traditional cultures, and holistic healing. Eating natural and traditional foods prevents and reverses most modern health problems (even things we have come to consider “normal”). Natural healing is a lost art. Many people resort to medications with very harmful side effects to “cure” their ailments. I believe in treating the body as a whole—not just covering up symptoms, but getting to the root of a problem. 

            Our health affects our ability to serve others. The proper nutritional foods enable us to be healthy, active, and productive individuals. Furthermore, what we eat/put into our bodies not only affects our individual health but that of our posterity and the generations to come. Certainly foods made by God are a better choice than processed foods, synthetic chemicals, and foods grown in artificial conditions.

(Just to clarify: God is ultimately in control of our health. He sometimes allows and uses sickness for a greater purpose than we can understand. Nonetheless, we need to do our part by taking care of our bodies, and being good stewards of the land.)

            The future generation is especially important to me as a Christian. The choices we make always affect others. If we are living to serve Christ and be a light to the world, it is important that we raise a healthy godly generation who will have the physical capability to raise their own healthy families and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Natural food choices help to heal the land. In order to be good stewards of animals and resources, we should be raising the plants and animals that we use for food in their natural environment (in symbiotic harmony with nature).

The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge regarding healthy living that I have been studying over the past few years.  I hope to share practical steps of how my family achieves a healthier lifestyle. Things like cost, time, and not knowing where to begin make the idea of a change in diet or lifestyle very daunting. I hope to encourage my readers to start eating traditionally by providing information and simple steps! The great thing about eating the way I believe God intended (more on this later… I have Bible verses to make my case ;) is that it is fully satisfying and you are never deprived. For example, eating natural fats like butter and coconut oil satisfies your body and gives your body the natural fats it needs for repairs and feeling great.

I very much welcome comments and followers! My hope is that my readers will find this blog to be enjoyable and informative. Thanks for reading! :-)