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Friday, January 11, 2013

Green Tea and Coconut Oil: A simple remedy for energy, weight loss, glowing skin, & preventing cancer.

Jasmine Green Tea and Organic Coconut Oil

I’ve been re-inspired to blog about the benefits of coconut oil. While I was babysitting the other day, I grabbed my coconut oil book and started reading. My original plan was to skim the book to refresh my memory. As the kids played outside, I ended up filling several papers with notes. Unfortunately, I only got through the first 2 chapters. I hardly scratched the surface.

I’ve realized that I’m going to need to be more selective with my note taking. In order to produce a decent blog post, I only need to highlight the most important things…. But there is just so much information!! It’s all important. --You see, I’m not a good blogger. I start writing books instead of articles. When I realize I don’t have enough time to complete my book-articles, I become overwhelmed. My notes are then saved in my large collection of drafts –never to be seen by the blog world.

However, I’m learning that I don’t need to wait for perfection before I can share my notes. While my exhaustive coconut oil notes sit in drafts (with all the others), I’m writing this simple post about a remedy I love. I’m also linking to other articles which contain the information I want to share. This is my new motto: “a simple blog post is better than no blog post.” So, don’t expect to be impressed! ;-)

 Green Tea and Coconut Oil: A simple remedy for energy, weight loss, glowing skin, & preventing cancer. 

In recent months, I’ve gotten away from the habit of adding coconut oil to my daily diet. Re-reading the benefits caused me to remember that I need to start taking it again. My favorite way to take coconut oil is in green tea.
I have multiple reasons for doing this, besides that fact that it’s just plain healthy.

  1. Coconut oil helps with weight loss. I’m trying to become nice and slim for my sister’s wedding in May (I'm a bride's maid). Coconut oil helps to control/balance appetite, if taken before a meal or as a snack. I have fewer cravings, because my body is satisfied and nourished by the coconut oil. Articles: Coconut Oil and Weight Loss --Fact vs. Fiction: what you need to know about coconut oil and losing weight!, and Stomp the Weight Loss Accelerator Using Coconut Oil.  
  1. Coconut oil is a super energy booster! Try it. It’s not like caffeine. The energy I’m talking about is longer lasting and stable. Coconut oil helps me focus.

3.   Coconut oil makes my skin glow and my hair shiny. Especially if you struggle with acne, try taking coconut oil everyday. I even put coconut oil topically on my skin. Just remember that a little goes a long way. Article: Coconut Oil for Skin Health

Some people have a hard time eating coconut oil, but I find it quite enjoyable with a cup of green tea. I stir a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil into a warm cup of tea (so that it melts). I also add a little raw honey to sweeten it. I like to think of my coconut green tea as my special, healthy, beauty drink... :-)

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and cancer-preventing properties. Please take the time to read the Bulk Herb Store’s article about the benefits of green tea. My favorite flavors are Jasmine Green Tea and Pomegranate. Here is the most recent article I found from the American Botanical Council about Green Tea.   

I hope you try this tasty coconut tea blend! Even if you don’t find it tasty at first, you’ll learn to love it. You’ll feel great after drinking it everyday. However, I have one precaution to give. If you’re not used to eating coconut oil, do not eat more than a teaspoon a day. Coconut oil is very detoxing. Gradually introduce coconut oil into your diet until your body adjusts to it.

Coconut oil sources: Tropical Traditions and Mountain Rose Herbs.  

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. So glad you are posting again Corryn! I get your blog posts sent to me via email so I never miss one. I loved your post on coconut oil; keep it up, because I really want to start using it more and would love to learn all the health benefits.

    My mom and dad used to eat it as a spoonful, but that was difficult for them; I have never personally tried it but I have cooked with it a couple of times. I think I might have to make myself like tea so I can get a daily dose of the oil in the green tea you suggest; with the honey it might just work......

    Enjoyed your post, and hope to see many more!

  2. What are some titles of books about the benefits of coconut oil? You got me inspired. ;)

  3. Corryn, We are really enjoying your posts! Keep them coming and thanks for sharing and encouraging! Rebecca Huff

  4. Thank you all for the encouraging comments! I really appreciate it :)

    Christiana, two books that are specifically about coconut oil are "Coconut Cures" and "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife.
    I also love this website: www.coconutoil.com! It's a great source for research and news about the benefits of coconut oil.

    Here's one more website to check out: www.coconutresearchcenter.org

  5. Green Tea Consumption Enhances Loss of Abdominal Fat: http://cms.herbalgram.org/herbclip/373/review030391-373.html

  6. Hey, thx for sharing. I am a 35 yr old guy and had many skin issues on my legs and scalp for years.
    I could't handle any soaps, cremes or shampoos and my glands were overproducing.
    After cleaning my inner-body with green tea and coconut oil i felt a lot better and my skin and hair started to benefit. But i missed a topical solution to work with as well so i made a creme for skin and scalp with all these ingredients and some hempoil and it works perfect! First i made some strong green tea (1/4 cup), mixed in 1/2 cup coconutoil while it was still a little warm, and ending with stirring 1/2 teaspoon honey (organic) and 1 teaspoon hemp oil in it. Stir very well and put it in the freezer until solid. Whenever you need some, just scoop some out and let it melt into a paste in your hands.
    My skin says thnx everytime when i apply it after i shower.
    I also use it as a hairgel, my hair was never better and it even regrows hair on bad patches;)

  7. Thanks for giving nice info..Find about Coconut Oil Benefits Health tips include hair care, skin care .It Make your body fit and healthy.

  8. Thank you for your comment! That sounds like an awesome recipe :) I'm so glad to hear that you found a natural way to help with your skin issues.

  9. I used to drink bulletproof coffee ( Coffee with coconut oil) But recently I switched over to green tea and coconut oil. I agree. It gives energy and alomost a feeling of clarity? It's hard to describe. I've also noticed since I started drinking it, I sweat A LOT! But I do feel thinner, and it seems like my celllulite is improving rapidly. Maybe I'm flushing out a lot of toxins or something. Either way. I totally give green tea with coconut oil a thumbs up! About Coconut oil: While I was drinking it in my regular morning coffee, I found that my cystic chin acne cleared up completely after about 2/3 months. So yes. Coconut oil does help for acne and balances out hormones. I